Cashmere yarn loves water and so it will be rejuvenated every time you wash your garment, provided you wash it properly. Cashmere fibre is very delicate and responsive and needs to be handled properly to preserve its superior quality.

By hand: wash your pullover in cold water using a small amount of detergent specially formulated for wool. Squeeze the garment with your hands but do not twist or rub it. Rinse with cold water. Roll it up between two towels to get rid of excess water. You can spin your pullover in the washing machine after hand washing it at maximum speed of 600 rpm, but put it inside a pillowcase or washing bag so it does not lose its shape. However, we do not advise this. Do not use fabric softener.


Drying: how you dry the garment is very important and we suggest paying particular attention because this is when its original shape is restored. To get best results, lay the garment out flat, out of the sunlight and away from sources of direct heat. We advise turning the garment over at least once.


Ironing: if you lay the garment out properly for drying, it should not need ironing; maybe the collar and cuffs will need a light iron. Alternatively, we suggest a burst of steam at medium temperature (wool setting) on the wrong side of the garment, putting a cotton tea towel on top to protect it for best results.

Taking Care of Cashmere:

Cashmere garments should not be worn for more than two days running as theyshould be “rested”. This is to let the fibre regain its initial shape. After wearing the item a few times, you may note pills forming in areas subject to rubbing. This is because cashmere garments are made with a loosely-woven yarn, to make them softer. You can remove any pills using a velvet brush or lint remover. Cashmere does not form particularly hard pills, unlike wool; you may note some small pills, which are very easy to remove. Follow these simple steps whenever necessary and you will see how your pure-cashmere garment will stay looking as lovely as ever.