Filometro Zero

Filometro Zero (Zero-Kilometre Thread) is a story of quality, craftsmanship, direct contact between the manufacturer and consumer, energy saving and respect for the environment.

Quality from the origins of the products because Knitaly only chooses the best, prime-quality raw materials: cashmere from the cold Alashan Plateau in Asia, the habitat of Hircus goats whose underdown is extremely soft and silky. After the best fibres have been selected, they are turned into yarn at Italian spinning mills following a long process that includes dyeing, carding, combing and twisting.

This marks the beginning of a hand-crafted process that is totally Made in Italy, handled carefully by experts whose professional skill and passion come together to give us superior-quality garments that are unique. The development of a short supply line, consisting of a limited number of intermediate steps for working the garments, the decision to have no processes handled abroad, and the direct relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer, enables Knitaly to offer you a product that is competitive in terms of its quality and price.

A short supply line also means a significant drop in the transport of the product and so more attention to our impact on the environment.

The Cashmere garments made by Knitaly have a single, very short thread connecting them to the consumer, so short in fact that we call it Filometro Zero.