Purple Round Neck Pullover 100% Cashmere

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Purple Round Neck Pullover 100% Cashmere

- Round neck and long sleeves

- Stocking stitch with ribbed neck

- Normal, comfortable fit

- 100% Cashmere 2/46

- Fibre length 44 mm, micron 14.5/15


Knitaly pullovers have distinctive, clean and unfussy lines; they are soft, warm and versatile. The high quality of the 14.5/15 micron, 100% pure cashmere yarn results in garments known for their adorable softness and lightness while remaining very breathable, making them an ideal choice both when the weather is colder or milder

Ideal for anyone who loves prime-quality garments designed with clean lines and long-lasting materials. Knitaly products comply with the FilometroZero philosophy, shortening the distance between manufacturers and consumers and guaranteeing the high standards of quality Made in Italy.

More Information

Washing: Handwash. Wash your pullover in cold water using a small amount of detergent specially formulated for wool. Squeeze the garment using your hands but do not twist or rub it. Always rinse in cold water. Roll it up between two towels to get rid of excess water. Do not use fabric softener.

Drying: dry your pullover laid out flat on a clean towel, to prevent it twisting out of shape. Make sure it is not in the sunlight or near sources of direct heat.

Ironing: on the wrong side at medium temperature (wool setting).

Special care: any pills that form in areas where the garment is subject to rubbing can be removed using a velvet brush or a lint remover. Cashmere does not form particularly hard pills, unlike wool, but you may note some small pills, which are very easy to remove. Follow these easy steps whenever necessary and you will see how your pure-cashmere garment will stay looking as lovely as ever.

For more details, see the page on GARMENT CARE.

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